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My name is Julie Kendall and I live in Castle Rock, Colorado. I want to tell you a little bit about myself, but more about how I hope to make your child’s private flute lesson an experience that he/she will never forget. I specialize in lessons that are fun for him/her and affordable for you.

First....let’s get the necessities out of the way. :)

My music adventure began with piano at the age of 7. Over the course of the next 13 years, 3 different and wonderful teachers gave me an incredibly solid foundation in music. A foundation that allowed me to easily understand the way music worked so that when I began playing the flute at age 10, I only had to learn the mechanics of the flute rather than both mechanics and the language of music at the same time.

I was in band throughout all my adolescence and participated in many contests and competitions. I was generally very successful, holding 1st chair for the majority of my schooling.

My freshman year in college as a flute major, I studied under a teacher that I will never forget. She taught me SO much and I was once again able to go far beyond the boundaries that were expected of a freshman.

Sadly, after that first year, she moved away and although the woman that replaced her could play quite well, she was just not a teacher at heart. That experience made me think hard about the way I wanted to teach.

And that brings me to you and your child.

I believe wholeheartedly that there are two different types of musicians. Those that play because they love it and those that are driven by greatness to make a career of it. Trust me...there are many more people in the first group than the second. :)

While the “professionally bound” students are quite wonderful to teach, my heart belongs to the students who play for the pure love and joy of it. No pressures beyond their own talent level but lovingly always expected and encouraged to play to their own potential.

During my 10+ years of teaching, I believe that I have a “method” of teaching that truly makes each lesson a delight for my students. Simply put...I discover who your child is first. Then work to find some way to infuse what they love and enjoy into their music. That way...they feel like the music they make is their own. Something that identifies with who they feel they are in this life.

That brings me to another fun fact...

I. Hate. Boring. Recitals. ;)

Being a music lover and a teacher doesn’t keep me from being bored at traditional recitals.

I believe that recitals should be as entertaining as possible. My past recitals have included sets, costumes (think clothing changes...not elf suits ;) great food and drink with the students having the opportunity to put their own special touch to the decorations. And as my husband is a get to spend the time actually watching/listening to your child play rather than standing at the back of the room with a camcorder in your hand. And there is no extra charge for the video...just consider it a perk! :)

If you feel like I might be a match for you and your child, please feel free to contact me.

I can’t wait to hear from you, so please fill out the form at the top of the page!